A man was arrested last week in Turkey for a plot to assassinate President Barack Obama.

A man was arrested last week in Turkey for a plot to assassinate President Barack Obama.

According to CNN.com, U.S. officials discovered a plan involving a Syrian man to take the life of the United States’ first black president. They said it was taken “very seriously.”

Despite the foiled plan, officials cautioned that American presidents are frequent targets of threats that are all watched very carefully, and in this case the alleged plotter did not appear to get anywhere close to Obama during his European tour.

It was also stated that the particular threat did not force any change to his schedule.

“Life goes on,” an official told CNN, suggesting that the threat has gotten more attention because there has been a lot of coverage on Obama’s first overseas trip since taking office.

The White House declined to comment, explaining that issues regarding security and threats around the president are not to be discussed, according to policy.

U.S. Secret Service, however, briefly addressed the arrest.

“We work closely with the host country whenever there is an arrest, which we are doing in this matter,” Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said.

Saudi Arabian newspaper al-Watan first reported the assassination plot, revealing that Turkish security services had arrested a man of Syrian origins Friday (April 3) in connection with a plan to kill Obama during his visit to Turkey.

Obama did not arrive in Turkey until Sunday (April 5).

According to the foreign paper, the suspect — who was carrying an Al-Jazeera TV press credential in the name of “M.G.” — confessed to authorities, after his arrest, that he and three alleged accomplices plotted to stab Obama with a knife during the Alliance of Civilizations Summit in Istanbul, which took place Monday evening (April 6).

U.S. officials confirmed the reports.


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