Amy fires shots at Em


“You got beef?”

According to a rumor we take with a grain of salt Eminem reached out to Amy Winehouse to appear on a duet on his new album, but unfortunately he was turned down.  The Sun reports:

Eminem wanted Amy to work similar magic for him — but the beehived one had other ideas.  My source says: “Amy was flattered by the offer. She loves hip-hop and is a big fan of Eminem. But she didn’t feel it was the right thing to do at the present time.”

Another insider adds: “Eminem has followed Amy’s career closely. They have both had drug addiction issues and he empathises with her and hoped to feature her on Relapse.  His idea was to make a track as magical as Stan. But unfortunately Amy declined.  He understands that recently she hasn’t been in a state to focus on music because of her tumultuous private life but he hopes they will get together on a future project.”

Eminem and Amy Winehouse on a track would be classic material….we think he still needs to heat up out there.  Check out Eminem’s latest video where he takes the piss out of Amy and others HERE.


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