End of the Drought

Back off vacation The Reign of  Th3 New Regime is back. The New Regime was created by two unique visionaries who hand molded their company out of evolutionary thoughts of art and creativity. After years of studying they decided to use their own imagination for coordinating events. My name is Chase Caldwell also know as The F3arless of this evolving company. Our journey is to plan events and advance the creative process, expanding minds and imagination. We go out of our way to broaden minds and open eyes with our diffrent creative events. We want to submerge our fans in creative energy overwhelming them to the changes upon them.  Many people now days are closed minded controlled by the boxes put forth in front of them. They has lost touch with their favorite toy from their child hood the imagination. Th3 New Regime is the guiding light with revolution of the creative evolution. We post different inspiring quotes regularly as well as different thought inspiring images.  We want people to use the thought process to truly understand the images put forth in front of them with on a daily bases. Some times we speak on topics that many people would be afraid to but we have made a goal to live with out the emotion of fear and to embrace love, letting us never to be scared to speak our minds of the topic at hand.

This is a link to our new blog  Th3 New Regime


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